A little overdue shoutout to the moms.  The pictures below are from our recent Mother's Day festivities: lunch at Nottoway, afternoon movies, ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, and a little Snapchat entertainment. (click images to see more)

So yesterday, moms calls me over to the house to put together a gas grill for the Kevster.  And to save her from a copious amount of cuss words, high blood pressure, and three days of the silent treatment - I commit to being the most awesome daughter ever! So, some good tunes and two hours later, Voila!  Who needs a man to do manly things - just a power tool and maybe 7 cuss words and a water break.  

Same day...

Note: my mom is the queen of sending me random videos via Facebook Messenger.  So, she kept asking me if I had seen some video she sent me the night before of some weird lizard in someone's yard.  Her persistence of making me watch it should have warned me.  I watched the damn video, and it scared the shhhhhh out of me.  My mom is nearly in tears as she tells me it got her too!  HAHAHAHAHHA....NO!  NOT FUNNY.  So, how do I now end up with the high blood pressure, 357 cuss words, and silent treatment! And ain't no way this girl is opening a video for DAYS! Take that mom!

I personally think she needs the wooden spoon for that.