Nina Sandmann from Frankfurt, Germany.

I LOVE this blonde beauty from Germany! Nina was one of the first people I got to know on the trip as I sat across from her at our welcome dinner at Sayan House. Her accent sounds of innocence and her height is one of my favorite features. She is a web designer and co-hosted a Wordpress workshop with another fellow Unsettler on the trip. I admire her nomadic lifestyle and her discipline in working remotely all over the globe. This was her second Unsettled experience after sailing in Thailand. Work can’t be so bad when you are surrounded by so much artistry in the world. All of her travels add to her insightful personality and charm. I could get used to living life like this. I just want Nina as my tour guide.

We took quite the adventure traveling over to Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida, just off the mainland of Bali. A taxi to Sanur and a boat ride over to the craziest off-road experience of my life unveiled the beauty of Kelingking Beach, Broken Beach, and Crystal Bay.

Kelingking actually translates into English meaning Pinkie. However, it is the comparison to the T-Rex that has caused this location to become so popular. Broken Beach had us in awe as we hiked to the top to view the cove where the archway wraps around the bay allowing water to flow in and out from the ocean. We stopped for a pineapple juice while Maria indulged in a giant coconut water before heading to our last stop, Crystal Bay.

I was still recovering from my fall on this trip and Nina was so great offering me her hand to maneuver through all the hiking and Instagramable photo ops.

Our snorkeling trip was breathtaking. I don’t think I would have ventured into the water at the first spot if it wasn’t for Nina and Maria. It was a little deeper than I expected and my fear of the water set in. I felt like I was on the verge of a panic attack, but these two brought calmness over me as I watched their curiosity of what lied beneath. I decided to focus on the fish following so closely to me verses the vastness of my fears. They were BEAUTIFUL. The next spot was even more magnetizing. The water resembled glass you could see through it so clearly. We wrapped up the day on the beach with a Bintang and the sunset over the sea.


Lots of comedic relief when walking along side this girl. She could write a book of all of her traveling adventures. She inspires me to travel more, have more patience, and step outside my comfort zone.

Nina, it was a blast getting to know you. I loved one of our last nights at CP Lounge entertained by dance moves, your yoga instructor, and more Bintangs. Cheers to you, my forever friend.