Michelle Murphy. San Francisco, CA.

Michelle Murphy. San Francisco, CA.

A free-spirit, a dancer of light, a woman of many words, and a raw confidence paired with equivalent vulnerability, everybody please stand up and welcome this next comedian to the spotlight, MEESH OFF LEASH! (Applause breaks out)

The first thing I noticed about Michelle was her complete confidence in her own skin. I immediately hoped it would rub off on me. I didn’t realize how critical I had become of myself until I was surrounded by all of these empowering women. I knew after leaving Bali, I would be on the path to gain that piece of me back. I’m not sure how long it’s been gone, but it’s been a long time. And I do find myself more and more confident every day I realize my own self-worth and these women were the catalysts. That makes me smile.

The most enlightened moment I had in Bali wasn’t in a temple or a meditation class or even in nature. It was in the common room in a circle full of what were once strangers. Meesh led a mental health workshop which had us all sobbing. She asked a handful of transparent questions and we could raise our hands if it applied to us. As the questions came and hands were raised, it was evident that I wasn’t alone. We are never alone in our fears, our thoughts, our pain, our hope, or our growth. I learned more about the people in that room in an hour than I did in a whole month because they opened up their heart. It was absolutely beautiful and moved me to tears. I felt their pain as each one of them spoke and I also felt their strength. I was so engulfed in emotion that I couldn’t get the words out to share my own story as I did the night before.

The workshop ended with an affirmation circle where we went around showering our fellow Unsettlers with compliments for 1:30 seconds each. It’s hard sticking to that time with 15 people pouring love into each other’s lives. It was the most incredible experience and was a moment where I felt things shift. Meesh, you are forever applauded for this.

I’m honestly not sure if Meesh is a writer of anything other than her content for comedy, but she should be. She has an inconceivable talent for illustrating a story with her words. I often found myself wanting to Google her perceptive dialogue just as I do in the books I read. She communicates her thoughts with clarity. And for the boy who broke up with her through email, that was an epic fail.

Here is a little peak into the personality of the girl we love to call Meesh:

When we arrived in Bali, we didn't know what to expect
What is that "ER-ER" noise, and where is Patrick?

But we kept our minds open, our hearts as well
And now here we are at the end, with so much to tell

Some of us grew spiritually, some got physically strong
Some of us even got tattoos, and some of us got dongs

We romped in the jungle, we scooted around
We got lost in Bali, just to get found

And what did we find? Girl what DIDN’T we find?!
A global family of friends - interesting, loving, talented and kind

So let's roll call this bitch and do as the Spice Girls do
If you wanna get with me, here's who you need to GET TO KNOW too!

Harini left early but her presence lingers with us
She taught us true badassery and the importance of self trust

With a simple squeeze of his hand, Matt lets you know he's there
With endless check-ins of "my love" Betty shows you she cares

Talk to Tina and you'll get love in the form of a verbal (or physical) punch
Receive a hug from Jennifer and you'll feel healed through her touch

Ask Patti about those she loves and you'll be moved to tears
Ask Sherri for guidance and she'll smash your career fears

If you wanna feel present, resolve your past, chat with Adrian

Get touched by an angel? Transformed through song? Ask Hala, "You can you sing that again?"

Run your ass to Ayrid if you want a life of both inner and outer style

Remember the joy of art? Ask Dice to create something and flash that dazzling smile

If you wanna know what true vulnerability looks like, steal a moment with Pau
Want a ride or die bitch who'll murder for you?? Call Tsholo fasho....HONEY!!

If you want to be included and hear real ass talk, find Mariah
When you're looking for a grippingly poetic voice and self-awareness, consult Sabrina

Angelica is your girl if you're tryna party like a high class diva
And for sweet-gentle-but-still-plans-on-getting-litttt, call up Nina

Our effervescent leader Clari puts food love shelter and energy in our bellies
And when we need cool ass local connections, we got Alam and Kelly

Seek Deb out for living a life of wide-eyed travel. adventure and community through and through
And if you wanna be fingernail clawed with hilarity and sincerity, Effy knows just what to do

Together we climbed mountains, climbed paddies, drank Arak lassies

San Celine, sang Britney, sang Adelle, sang Whitney

Jumped into rivers, waterfalls, oceans, lakes and more
Explore the island from shore to shore

We saw God, we saw Goddess, we danced under the full moon
Also dance at Old Man's, La Brisa, Potato Head, CP Lounge, La Panca, Panchamama....yea we don't really even need there to be a "dance designated" room

We got dirty, we got pure
At times we were uncertain, at other times we were sure

We had experienced to our own selves, we had experiences together
And we supported one another, no matter the weather

But I'm accepting that words have limits, and some things just can't be explained
Like what I've learned from each and every one of you, and all the lessons I've gained

I came to Bali half-asleep, with a mostly empty cup
And meeting you all, and sharing in your gifts, woke me back up
Insert Cheers and glasses clinking: NOW PLEASE LETS GET DRUNK!