First assignment for my kiddos this semester was to create a portrait from observation.  My sixth grade class drew Norah Jones followed by my seventh and eighth grade classes drawing Tracy Chapman.  I was a little nervous about this assignment and knew it would be a challenging one for them without any prior knowledge.  This is an arduous skill for beginning artists and I thought it would be an optimal way to show them how much they've grown as artists at the end of the semester.

So, you could say I set them up for failure on this one.  I let them know that too.  The objective here is PERSISTENCE through FAILURE.  I was constantly encouraging them and making jokes and the gallery walk at the end of each class let's them know they aren't alone with their frustrations.  

I'm a huge fan of both artists and wanted to introduce these kids to someone they've, more than likely, never heard of before.  After reading their artist statements on Artsonia, I can proudly say it was a huge success.  Some of the kids went home and looked up the artist on their own and many stated that the music helped them concentrate and calm them down even when they were frustrated.  Some who may not have been fans of the music said they could see how it was an inspiration to other people and still agreed that it helped them concentrate better while drawing.  This filled my heart.

For some added humor at our first attempt at these portraits, we decided to name the exhibits TRACY WHAT HAPPENED and NORAH WHOA.  Take a look...


A little overdue shoutout to the moms.  The pictures below are from our recent Mother's Day festivities: lunch at Nottoway, afternoon movies, ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, and a little Snapchat entertainment. (click images to see more)

So yesterday, moms calls me over to the house to put together a gas grill for the Kevster.  And to save her from a copious amount of cuss words, high blood pressure, and three days of the silent treatment - I commit to being the most awesome daughter ever! So, some good tunes and two hours later, Voila!  Who needs a man to do manly things - just a power tool and maybe 7 cuss words and a water break.  

Same day...

Note: my mom is the queen of sending me random videos via Facebook Messenger.  So, she kept asking me if I had seen some video she sent me the night before of some weird lizard in someone's yard.  Her persistence of making me watch it should have warned me.  I watched the damn video, and it scared the shhhhhh out of me.  My mom is nearly in tears as she tells me it got her too!  HAHAHAHAHHA....NO!  NOT FUNNY.  So, how do I now end up with the high blood pressure, 357 cuss words, and silent treatment! And ain't no way this girl is opening a video for DAYS! Take that mom!

I personally think she needs the wooden spoon for that.